tama's Bali retreat!

May 15-20, 2022

Discover unimaginable healing and the pure joy of your true self. ~Tama Kieves


May 15 - 20, 2022 | 6-Days & 5-Nights Retreat in Ubud, Bali

Join me for AN UNFORGETTABLE inner pilgrimage!

Take a 6-day inner pilgrimage in a holy, sacred, and enchanted space on the magical island of Bali! 

This is going to be a time that goes beyond words. Beyond expectations. Beyond belief.  When extraordinary people step outside of ordinary life to meet in one of the most magical places on earth…magic is not only possible. It’s is inevitable.

It’s the love in the room. 
It’s the unbridled joy.  The fierce commitment.
It’s the amazing people who are there.
And the time to deeply relax and attune to the life you’re meant to live.

It’s in the water — or your destiny. It’s what happens when fear melts away, and only clarity, excitement, and the call to true passion remains. 

The MAGIC LIFE Retreat is 6 days away from your ordinary life and in one of the most healing, rejuvenating, and most transformative places in the world, led by bestselling author, visionary career catalyst and master coach Tama Kieves.

This time is for you to ask the most extraordinary questions of your lifetime. What will you create in your life once you are inspired, lifted, convinced, clear and supported? Don’t you want to find out?


Tama has created this custom retreat to include transformational workshops, private time, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences to nurture your inner light and awaken your magic life!  Everything is included in one price, so you can totally relax, unwind and take in this slice of paradise as you….

Also included in the Price:

And in your Free Time...

You will have plenty of unscheduled time, which you can use to rest and rejuvenate, explore the Island, or book one of the optional activities, available for a modest fee, such as:

What is it like to retreat with Tama?

This retreat is all about learning how to become an unstoppable warrior for your life….your Magic Life. Through guided meditations, journaling, sacred sharing, laser coaching and more, together we will…

What's it like to retreat with Tama?

Let's do this!

Imagine soaring in the amazing life you're meant to LIVE.
Take the time to imagine...
Your magic life.

About Your inner Tour Guide

Tama Bio …..

Tama bio

I'm Ready! What are the next steps?

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You can join us on this incredible adventure by using our PAY IN FULL option, or you can reserve a seat by making a non-refundable deposit of $350 with our PAYMENT PLAN option. Once you do so, you will receive an email from one of our team members to help work out a payment plan that works for you. The remaining balance will need to be paid in full by March 14,  2022

Please note that after March 14, 2022, all payments (to include our PAY IN FULL customers) will be considered non-refundable and we recommend having travel insurance in place prior to this date. We understand life happens, so if you find plans have changed and you’re unable to attend the retreat after March 14, 2022 (and you don’t have travel insurance to cover the loss), you will have a partial credit with the resort (should you decide to plan a Bali trip on our own) and partial credit for the activities through our hosting partner “Soul Bliss Journeys.” 

After booking, you will receive an email confirmation with details about the retreat to include suggestions for how to prepare, what you’ll need to bring, & an informative (and downloadable) ‘Frequently Asked Questions.’ If you still find something hasn’t been answered after receiving the email, or you have other concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We love hearing from you and are always happy to help! Ready to jump into this once in a lifetime adventure? Here we go!


Note that the retreat experience cost does not include air travel (though we’ll send you some great tips for low fares!) or travel insurance, US passport, tourist visa upon arrival, or meals and transportation outside the scheduled activities.  The facility is also available for additional lights for a discounted rate, if you’d like to extend the length of your stay beyond the retreat.


I'm sooo ready to do this!

Praise & Kudos

from previous retreats!

“Time with Tama is like a visitation to the ashram, only I don’t have to leave my office. I love seeing my life through her eyes. I love what she sees in me and reminds me to be. I love the choices I make after I’ve talked to her.” – HELEN

Thank you so much for another amazing retreat. My conscious mind does not know how it is possible for one person to make such a difference in MY world! WOW. what a great group!! and WOW, what a gifted facilitator!” – DIANE

Your written words spoke to me in ways I cannot explain. Then I went to your website and found out about a retreat and I knew I had to go. It was a huge reemergence of independence and freedom and I gained so much courage from the whole experience. Thank you for doing what you are supposed to do Tama because I have been waiting for someone like you to help move me in the direction where I am most needed.” – REBECCA

“Tama doesn’t just inspire people. She changes them. You can’t be around her aliveness and continue to hold back your freedom. She is unabashedly alive and I found that I started to become free in her presence.” 

I loved every minute of it…it was clear I was meant to be there. It was a wonderful. Full of love and laughter and new insights. A time to reconnect with myself and to open to new parts of me. I continue to be blown away by how true you stay to yourself and how real you are in your life…you are an amazing teacher and are changing lives every moment.” – JOYCE

“I loved participating in this retreat experience! It was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time” – WENDY

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