UNLOCK YOUR BIG DREAMS and Create a Miraculous LifE!

Discover Your Path to Manifesting Your Deepest Desires and Living Your Best Life with Tama Kieves’ “Your Big Dream with A Course in Miracles” Program. 

Get access to weekly meet-ups with Tama, awaken greatness in every dimension of your life.

To the dreamer looking to break free from self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and unfulfilled potential:

Are you ready to unlock the power of your mind and transform your life? Do you feel like there’s something holding you back from living your best life and achieving your biggest dreams?

It’s time to dissolve the obstacles that have been standing in your way and unleash your true potential. With Tama Kieves’ “Big Dreams” program, you’ll learn how to transform your thinking– and tap into your innate creativity, brilliant clarity, and unmatched strength.  

Past events will no longer stop you. And future “uncertainties” will no longer block you from living in the present moment and seizing opportunities. You’ll discover how to align your thoughts, patterns, and habits with your deepest desires and live a truly miraculous life.

Are you ready to unleash your Inner Gandhi and your Inner Super Achiever and live your wildest dreams?

Combining the time-tested tools of coaching and the brilliance of A Course in Miracles (which has helped millions worldwide to live from love instead of fear)—join us on an 8-week journey of self-discovery and personal growth– to unlock and live your wildest dreams..  

8 Week Program Starts April 18

Sign up today and you also get a free class on April 11!

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