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YOUR BIG DReAM... with A course in Miracles

Let's Create Momentum Toward Your Dreams!

Are you tired of feeling like things aren’t moving forward in your life?  Or that you get inspired but it doesn’t last? Or the heaviness in the world guts your motivation? Or that time is slipping away… 

In this new series on Your Big Dream, we’ll be focusing on how to create uncanny movement in your life right now. You will be guided to move beyond fear and experience the magic of right thoughts, right action, and expansive love for you dreams.

Your Big Dream is not about the steps you take. It’s about your mindset, and what you believe to be true about yourself and your life.

You may think you know what needs to happen for your Big Dream – but your understanding is only coming from one sliver of possibility.  Your experience of possibilities changes when YOU change.

There’s a force, a plan, a GENIUS within that can and will guide you in every moment.  But most of us lose our precious momentum because of internal patterns or beliefs that disconnect us. Let nothing stop you from creating momentum toward your dreams.  Whether it’s writing your book, finding the love of your life, starting a business, moving across the country, planting a garden, improving your health, or having peace of mind. — let nothing stop you.

It’s time to learn how to deal with fluctuations without  losing inspiration, conviction, and clarity towards your dreams.

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WHAT IS A course in Miracles?

A Course in Miracles is a spiritual wisdom path that has helped millions learn how to live from love instead of fear. I’ve taught this material for decades, but I’ve never taught THIS SERIES before! I am so excited to offer this NEW 8-week special program that combines the brilliant wisdom teachings of A Course in Miracles with my favorite topic – finding and living your passion.  

In this 8-week series, we'll cover....


I want you to join your people – smart, fun, conscious, and loving — in this miracle-making sanctuary—an oasis to share and shift anything that’s going on for you — and experience inspired and unstoppable momentum!

A Spectacular Combo

Smart Spirituality You Can Live By!

For decades, as a Transformational Career and Life Coach, I’ve been helping clients and students to step into their true purpose and find their life’s work. It’s what I’ve been privileged to do. And now I’m taking the topic of Your Big Dream and combining it with A Course in Miracles to help you experience inspired success with YOUR Big Dreams!

In this program, we will practice a new mindset shift together — every single week for eight weeks. And when I teach A Course in Miracles, it is a deeply experiential process. It is intimate, courageous, wild, wickedly fun, and amazingly practical and will introduce you to a spirituality that is jalapeno hot.


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“Tama, your version of ACIM truly resonates for me. There’s lots of ACIM out there. But I love YOUR delivery and the individual people in your groups!!! I’m glad I held out, instead of settling, and I got what matches me not just down to my bones, but to the toenails too! Woohoo….. Yah! Thank you!!!” – I. JONES

YOUR 8-week pilgrimmage includes:

The 8-week program is just $129 – about $16 a week to change the way you experience everything in your life and commit to moving beyond anxiety and discover an inspired intelligence that knows exactly what to do. 

Here are a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy in this 8-week program:



instead of fear

True trust is a conscious, everyday spiritual adventure. It’s a reinvention. It’s a wholly new relationship with yourself. It’s the game-changer and what you’ve been waiting for…

Bring on the miracles!

“I’m so grateful I joined your Course in Miracles class. Last night literally reignited my soul. I was thrilled to see so many people on the screen basking in each other’s brilliance. Not surprisingly, your energy and love come through the screen just as well as it does in person.” – S. WARREN

Praise & Kudos

Grateful for the love!

“I normally take the classes after they are recorded since I’m not available the day of the class.  I am learning how to live a better life and remain grounded in Spirit.  I am so enjoying this gift of you, Tama.” – L. ROBINSON

“After countless hours of therapy and thousands of pages reading about healing, Tama, I gotta say YOU finally have given me the tools to shift the old paradigm!” – R.M.

“Tama, your version of ACIM truly resonates for me. There’s lots of ACIM out there. But I love YOUR delivery and the individual people in your groups!!! I’m glad I held out, instead of settling, and I got what matches me not just down to my bones, but to the toenails too! Woohoo….. Yah! Thank you!!!”- I. JONES

“I can’t believe – no scratch that – I do believe how far I traveled since starting your course just 8 weeks ago. I moved from ‘dare I do this?’ to ‘I am doing this’ —  and now I love ME for doing this. I am creating the life I want and it feels amazing. Love you, Tama!” – J. HANNAH

“When I first saw the title of your book and class, I was highly skeptical that anyone could “thrive through uncertainty”…. But let me tell you what I sheepishly whispered to my breakout group last night… “I AM!” I have experienced some of the most joyful, loving, connected, and open-hearted moments of my life – and I can feel relationships being healed, perspectives changing from fear to love, and (for the first time in my life) I have a growing faith that Love is ever-present!” – N. BENTON

About Tama Kieves

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Tama Kieves, an honors graduate of Harvard Law School, left her law practice with a prestigious corporate law firm to write and help others unlock the extraordinary faculties within them. She’s the best-selling author of Inspired & Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work! and 4 other books. Featured in USA TODAY, the Huffington PostForbes, as well as on ABC NewsOprah Radio, other national media, and a TEDx, speaker, she is a sought-after speaker and visionary career/success and book coach, who has helped thousands world-wide in every industry — to discover, launch, and thrive in the life, calling and businesses of their dreams.

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