Getting Your work
Into The World

A 30 Day Dedication of Inspired Momentum

LIFE is short. here's the QUICK details:

June 3 - 24, 2021 | Thursdays 8pm – 9:30pm(ish) ET
Live on Zoom + Recorded!

Plus 3 Free Months of “The Inspired & Unstoppable Life Tribe”

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Why I created this program

You Have an Inspired Way to Succeed!

You have gifts you NEED to share with the world.

Something inside you may be feeling restless to get your work out there — which is great news because your business (or dream project or side hustle) deserves to garner attention and make money. This is definitely a time to act – but not to act out of fear.  

Before you spend thousands of dollars on a marketing program you may or may not need, or a software system that you don’t understand, or a training that makes you


feel like a fish out of water – consider joining me for GETTING YOUR WORK INTO THE WORLD as we unpack your own inspired success strategy —  the path of following YOUR instincts, genius, and natural excitement.

Getting Your Work into the World: A 30-Day Dedication of Inspired Momentum is a hotbed of real growth and a container to get you moving …. And do it in the way that is right for you, that will allow you to reach sustainable true success in growing your business (or teaching your classes, making your jewelry, starting your non-profit, selling your books,  coaching, legal services, nutrition programs, or anything you wish to put into the world…)  We’ll be looking at things like money stories, fear of failure, inspired marketing and so much more.…scroll down to see the Inspired Schedule for our topics each week.

In the past thirty years, I’ve coached hundreds of business owners, artists, writers, and career-transitioners – at every stage of their career. And here is the one thing I know for sure: So often, the reason that people get frustrated, fail, or quit – is because they are following someone else’s plan. They’re ignoring their own genius and instincts.

So, forget the cookie cutter path, the experts’ check lists of things to do, and the “8 easy steps” that will probably never work for you. You don’t need “the steps” when you’re on fire! Let’s overcome resistance with unbridled enthusiasm, strategic focus, smart magic, and continued persistence. 

Career and Calling Revolution (live)


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