A COURSE IN MIRACLES: A New Series on Trusting Flawlessly (live on Zoom + Recorded)

Upcoming 8-Week Program runs APRIL 5-MAY 31 2022 (Sign up early for Bonus Class on 3/29!)

A COURSE IN MIRACLES: A New Series in Trusting Flawlessly is an inspired adventure that helps you stop doubting or falling into fear (no matter what is going on) and, learn to trust yourself and others and  experience your own uncanny strength to create a life you love.  Experience an 8-week oasis of support with your people: smart, fun, conscious, + loving—with training that has worked for millions. Sign up early to get Bonus Class on 3/29!  Keep reading for details…

“I love YOUR unique delivery of A Course In Miracles, as well as the individual people you attract into your groups!”

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