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Live Smarter. Live Fearlessly.

By Tama Kieves:

I dedicate this year to becoming fearless. I am breaking through the “glass ceiling” in my life, the places where it has felt as though there’s a fixed setpoint, a place where nothing changes.

I know you’ve got those “glass ceilings” too. You are making up your world every minute. You are making it up by your ideas of what is possible. Your fearful self has created a box for you to live in. You know its smell. You know the rules. You plan your life around what you think you know. And you create more of the same life.

But what if you could… like the sage Rumi says, “step out like somebody born into color?” You can. Astrophysicists have proven that our solid world isn’t as fixed as we think. And that what we see actually changes– when we think about things differently.

Your Fearless Self can make more empowered choices and turn the floodlights on to loving your life. Your Fearless Self will do yoga when “you” don’t feel like it. Your Fearless Self will book a retreat that changes your life, when “you” think you shouldn’t spend your hard-earned chits. Your Fearless Self will send out another application when “you” feel rejected and insist you know what is always going to happen. Your Fearless Self will rest when “you” think you are already a loser– so you should exhaust yourself and work with bags under your eyes and imbalanced hormones because, hey, that’s a winning strategy!

Your Fearless Self will take 10,000 actions if that’s what it takes to have your dreams come true. It will also enable you to manifest immediately with a change in your brain chemistry, frequency, and the path that effortlessly emerges. Your Fearless Self doesn’t buckle before conditions. It only trusts reality. It knows the reality of taking responsibility for your life— and showing up as the best of you every single time. Your Fearless Self knows how to show up with love because everything else is unsustainable and unproductive.

Oh, but that fearful self can hijack you and take you on a horrible road trip. It tells you it’s “just being realistic.”

It reminds you of what other fearful, unhappy, people have said as though this is the perfect yardstick to use when you are daring to create a life of rare happiness. The fearful self can glue you to the wall of the smallest room in your mind.

I’ve had those awful days of feeling discouraged, beaten, powerless and angry and “knowing” that nothing was ever really going to change in my life, because “I” was defective. I wanted to crawl into a ball and hide from life. I didn’t even want my dreams on those days. I just wanted to not have to figure anything out ever again. I believed that every one of my frightening ideas about my life were rational and true.

The mind is so damn strong. Yes, the mind is so damn strong— even when it’s wrong.

That’s why I urge you to consider training your mind this year. Because if you don’t train it, it will train you into weakness. Neuroscientists tell us that we strengthen the grooves in our brain that we repeat over and over. A Course in Miracles, the spiritual mindset training that I study and teach says that we need to develop a new problem-solving repertoire. Tell me about it. When you’re identifying with “the diminished you” you forget what it feels like to be in your power. You forget that your life is always asking you to go down a path that may seem unfamiliar, and yet it is easier instead of harder.

So, here’s what fearlessness looks like on the days when I’ve spiraled down the rabbit hole. My Fearless Self shows up with rapturous self-compassion, though not self-pity. This Self doesn’t buy into the story that time is running out and I am flawed and doomed. It just stops the clock, sits on the floor with me, and breathes. Okay, so it may also murmur some sweet love things in my ear. It reminds me of my strength in the past, the stream of spontaneous support that has carried me this far in life, and how irrational it is to think that life is ever stuck.

Self-acceptance is the pivot. Self-love activates the new algorithm in my thoughts, calls in the angels of perspective, and the cavalry of divine recalibration. I’ll tell you this with awe and evidence. Love has unthinkable powers.

When I have eased my fear in any way, creativity and an empowered consciousness swoops in. I see other possibilities. The world that looked set in stone, just falls away like a cardboard stage set. I see now how my limitations were only the limitations I had when I was thinking in fear. Now I have fresh insights and excitement. And like magic and clockwork, fortuitous people and prospects arrive. The tide changes. When my energy shifts, my world responds immediately.

This is the miracle. And it’s real. I have manifested every single opportunity in my life this way. I have paid my bills in this way. I have created deeper connections in my relationships in this way. Our lives can change in just an instant. Our spirit is so strong. We are never powerless before the conditions of our lives. We are creative wizards who can tap into so much love, that everything around us begins to change.

So, I am dedicated to living from my Fearless Self this year. I am willing to remember that nothing is as it seems. Nothing is flawed or out of place. I have a destiny. There is a core of light within me. The goodness that has been with me at any point in my life is always with me. It’s not ephemeral. It’s eternal. It’s more real than any of my changing circumstances.

Maybe this is your time to grow, too. If you want to move past your fears, then stretch into new thought patterns and behaviors. Stretch into the unknown. Because you don’t know yourself. You don’t know this core strength that kicks in and fleshes out. There are riotous forces available to us all.

Your True Self is untainted, undaunted, and cannot ever fall or slip or crumble. This Self can get you through anything and will.

In every situation. In every nuance. In every lifetime. In every universe. In every nook of the matrix and the mind. This quiet force is waiting to catch your smaller self, embrace, inform, and transform it.

There is much fear in the world these days. And maybe you’ve been facing challenges you never thought you’d face. But when you’re in fear, remember, it’s not the time to contract. It’s time to expand. Expansion is your safety. You are growing. And growth is always where life gets better.


By the way, want to study the spiritual mindset training of A Course in Miracles with me? I’m offering a special edition on LIVING FEARLESSLY starting soon. Learn more here and join me!

Here's my Coaching Practice for you this month:

If you were going to move/expand into a new territory in one area of your life…what would your Fearless Self do? (And what can you do to cultivate self-awareness—with LOVE—in this area?)

(Quick… email us and tell me your first thoughts or intentions for yourself this month. Sharing IS strengthening! I will hold it with you in love.)

With love and fierce support,

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