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A single session is 40-minutes. You will be absolutely amazed at what you two can accomplish together in a single session!

Tama will get you to the “real things” real fast. She is well known for the devotional quality of her listening, uncanny intuition, and clear direction.

She also brings powerful intelligence, resources, fierce LOVE, and creative brainstorming to every session.

And since Tama is devoted to the quality of each of her sessions—she has been known to run over the time when she feels a shift is about to emerge.

How often do we meet?

You and Tama will decide the perfect arrangement that works for you and your dream goal. Some clients prefer to work with her bi-monthly with inspired focuses in between. Some meet weekly to accelerate their clarity.

Others meet once a month to keep them focused and inspired. Tama works with your rhythm—and together you will create an inspired collaboration.

How do i prepare?

There’s nothing you need to do! Together, you and Tama will get to the heart of it all. It’s always a wonderful practice to journal before and after the session as you will be entering inspired time with her. You might like to capture insights that arise during your time with Tama.

Tama usually begins the session by asking: “If you and I could create anything together, heal anything, shift anything, make anything happen, what would you most like to be our focus?” Please don’t worry about coming up with a “perfect focus.” Each session arises with its own uncanny perfection and you will definitely get to where you need to go!

Can I send Tama things in preparation for my session?

Each coaching relationship is as unique as you are and Tama will be happy to work with you to determine what is most appropriate to help you reach your goals.

Do my coaching packages expire?

Please schedule your first session within 6 months of purchasing your coaching pack unless prior arrangements have been made.

What is your cancellation policy?

Tama’s schedule is often “a work of art,” but we understand that situations arise that require rescheduling. You can cancel your session at any time as long as we are given 48 hours’ notice. After that, you will be charged for the missed session.

What is your REFUND policy?

Please note that if you have committed to and purchased a package of discounted sessions, any refunds will be at our discretion.


Coaching is not a substitute for professional advice by legal, medical, mental health, financial, business, or other qualified professionals and should not be used in place of any form of therapy. 

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My question isn’t answered here. How can I get HELP?

If you have any other questions about coaching, please contact my team and someone will get right back to you!

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Say YES to 3 FREE Days of Inspired Coaching Videos to Create the Life & Work You Love!