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Retreat with Tama

“When extraordinary people break free from
ordinary life, extraordinary things happen!”
~Tama Kieves

Upcoming LIVE Retreats

July 19-21 at Omega Institute (Rhinebeck, NY)

October 14-18 at Kripalu Center (Lenox, MA)

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WEEKEND RETREAT at omega center!

july 19-21, 2024


I’d love to connect with you this summer at the world-famous Omega Institute: a walker’s paradise of trails, meditative gardens, a lake for swimming and row boating, health food, spa services and more. Whether you’re in a career transition, divorce, growing your small business or empire, dealing with an illness, or just seeking your next step and brilliant direction in life—this turning point weekend of dedication can help you use any uncertainty as a launching pad for joy. During this weekend retreat, Thriving Through Uncertainty with A Course in Miracles will teach you how to unlock astonishing faculties and opportunities within you that most of us don’t even realize we have.

When you can’t find easeful answers, or life doesn’t go according to plan, that’s precisely when creative destiny begins.

Ready to spend a weekend with me and an intimate group of brilliant maverick souls in a beautiful and radically supportive environment to move beyond doubt and step into YOUR greatest potential?

“Thank you for this retreat! One of the things you’ve shifted within me is the fear that I don’t have a path or way forward. You knowing that I DO have a path HAS taken away my fear. Before working with you, I was always afraid, living on the edge and feeling directionless. Thanks for being the rock, anchor, guide, loving voice and everything else you do.”– K.H.


OCtober 14-18, 2024

UNLEASH YOUR CALLING: Creating the Work and Life You Love

Is a different life calling you? Do you crave meaningful work or ache to take your creativity and contribution into the world—and pay your bills? Your wildest dreams are not frivolous. You have a calling, an expression of infinite talent, stamina, and love. And in uncertain times, true passion is your greatest security. Join success/career coach Tama Kieves, best-selling author of Inspired & Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work! and Thriving through Uncertainty and move beyond fear, to uncover your true passion, and thrive in the life you were born to live. As a former Harvard-trained attorney turned visionary catalyst, Tama has walked this walk.

Through her time-tested techniques, learn how to:

  • Choose the right passion and tap unstoppable inner strength
  • Experience your inspired power and reduce your fears and challenges
  • Turn your talents into income and opportunities
  • Reveal your own tailor-made, rock-solid path to success
  • Trust the genius and magic of unconventional choices.
  • Find peace throughout the fluctuations of life, business, and change.

In this powerful, supportive container (combined with walking trails, sauna, gourmet health food, healing arts, optional yoga) you will be guided through the inspired and practical strategies she’s used to coach thousands worldwide to discover, trust, and soar in the life, work, calling, and businesses of their dreams. 

“Tama Kieves is one of the most accessible superstars you ever want to meet. Her retreats are powerful and intimate.”– G. A. 

Tama's Other signature retreats!

Picture of a modern log-cabin outside in open woods

Tama regularly leads retreats at Omega Institute, Kripalu Center, 1440 Multiversity and more! Stay tuned for upcoming dates, and in the meantime, there are lots of virtual options for you to explore! 

What's it like to retreat with Tama?

List of Tama Kieves affilated retreats. Includes Kripalu, Omega, Esalen, 1440 Multiversity, New York Open Center, The Art of Living Retreat Center, Canyon Ranch, Campowerment, and Hollyhock

Praise & Kudos

Grateful for the love!

“Spending this kind of intimate time with Tama was like taking a 10-week around-the-world vacation from the French Alps to the Italian countryside and beyond. I am on fire with my life.“- M. LEFKOWITZ

Those five days were life-changers for me; I can feel it. Something significant has shifted. I’m going to plaster my workspace with about a zillion zings that Tama shared during those five days. I have a bunch of next steps, and I’m flying!”- GILLIAN A.

This retreat has changed my thinking and has made my journey more blessed and clear. Tama Kieves’ energy is amazing how she incorporates the group’s participation makes it a safe place to open your soul, release fears, and tap the love that will carry your spirit all over negative thinking.”- R. FREMONT

“Tama Kieves is one of the most accessible superstars you ever want to meet. Her retreats are powerful and intimate.”– GILLIAN A.

“I just want you to know that your retreat was the most phenomenal and transforming experience of my life!“- R. SMITH

“Tama Kieves remains one of my very FAVORITE spiritual, inspiration, hysterical, profoundly wise miracle-workers on this planet! I always find her practical guidance is immediately usable, and takes root in my heart probably because it is infused with awe-inspiring clarity, wisdom, and authentic love. I’m buzzing again!- M. RAYNE

“This trip has been a life-altering experience for me. I have returned to find that I suddenly have a crystal clear vision of what to do.”- J. PERRERA

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