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Rock Your Creative Genius

"Your gifts are worth your devotion."
~Tama Kieves

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Change Agents

The world needs your gifts!

Maybe you know you’re born to be a messenger, a change agent, or a visionary leader. You are moved by bold ideas, big love, and intuitive flawless direction. You hear new frequencies, promise, and urgencies wailing in the wind. You aren’t moved by the typical conventions. 

But maybe you think you’re being reckless, your idea won’t make money, or you can’t see a way to get others on board with you. Sometimes your ideas seem too big or you wish you could “just be normal.”   

But you have these dreams for a reason. The truth is: You are a steward of unimaginable resources. Run, run, run – with everything you have – into everything you are meant to be. The world needs you now more than ever. Follow your rebel brilliance.

A BOLD new



NEW thinking

If you feel called to be a messenger or change agent, here’s some bees for your bonnet…

As a creative individual, visionary leader, independent thinker, soul-healer, or entrepreneur, it’s your birthright to utilize other talents, insights, resources, and innate strategies. You are not made to fit into the world, make it in the world—but to remake the world, heal the world, illuminate new choices and sensibilities. The problem isn’t that inspired individuals can’t face “reality.” The problem is that they do---and they let it eclipse their instinct and excellence… 

These are the times to do it. These are cutting-edge times, times of global transformation. Security is a moving target. Yet passion is your real security.

Trail blazers & Change AGents:

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“As a teacher, Tama radiates a pure, unadulterated excitement for my calling. Tama brings fuel in the form of realistic principles and tools. Be ready!” – T. MARKS


Your words are lightning bolts!

Maybe you’re called to write, but still you put it off, putting the “day job” or the demands of others first.  Or you’re in the thick of writing a novel or memoir, but you’ve hit a granite wall.  Or perhaps you worry about what’s “marketable” or “how to publish” in the best–or any–way. Fear blocks genius. 

But rest assured, you are sitting on genius. And wherever you are, the act of writing can wake up powers within you– that will move you past any limitation. 

So, worry less about perfection, immediate outcome and form. And devote yourself to the shaman of inspiration—and emancipate your expression, truth, and message.

Tama Kieves sitting in a chair smiling at the camera with her laptop that says "Write On!"

If you feel called to write, drink this in….

Whether it’s something you’re already working on, or dreams in your journal, or a brand new project that has not yet made itself known – within you is the Writer You’re Meant to Be.

Please don’t dawdle-- or die-- with your words, stories, message and brilliance in you. If you’ve ever been haunted or compelled by the desire to write…you are called to do this work. You are a messenger and a creator of experiences and possibilities…and you are called for a reason. 

The world is waiting for your singular voice—especially now. And most importantly, you are waiting---to experience the radical healing that occurs when you finally write what you—and only you—are meant to write.

have a passion for writing?

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 “Tama, You have a gift to nurture writers. You’ve helped me maintain my enthusiasm for writing and train my brain to think creatively –– incredibly useful given my heavy corporate background.” – M.  RHATIGAN


Your gifts have a life of their own!

Maybe you don’t know where to begin. You have too many ideas or interests. Or you just don’t “have time.” Or maybe you feel flat, even though you long to tango with the Muse just once—or forever– and feel a sense of fire, meaning, and purpose pulsing through you. Maybe you secretly believe…you might not be good enough. Or that you can’t justify the time and energy when there’s more practicalities at hand. But take this in. It’s more practical to be MAGICAL. And you, yes you, are an astonishment of capacities. Dive in!

Show up for


Showing up
always shines

If you want to explore the magic of your creativity, please consider this:

The blank page teaches us to write. The stage teaches us to perform. Even surgeons have to learn on real-life patients with real life consequences, though I hope they do that in the backwoods somewhere, and maybe only on people who don’t love golden retrievers. There’s no getting it right before getting it at least a little wrong… We move forward or we feel the desires within us begin to rot like peaches in the sun. No one steps into “the big time” with maiden feet. All of us have to flounder through mud. It’s mud that turns into stardust. Get moving.

Want to explore and deepen your creativity?

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“You’re like the midwife in my life helping me in birthing my creative, inspired self. Thank you for the ‘ministry’ you bring to us! ” – M. ROGERS

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