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3 Strategies to Find Peace in Uncertain Times

When you’re in the midst of uncertainty, there is a gift: there is strength in undoing that which no longer works for you. Undoing is progress, not mayhem. The artist Pablo Picasso wrote, “Every act of creation is first of

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Bring It, Baby! The Courage to Be Creative

There is power in daring to be different. I encourage you to be a little bit more daring in your one true life. After all, it takes courage to be creative.  Great advances have never come from the conventionally minded

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When Life is Hard, Let Go of the Plan

You may feel like things are challenging at this moment in your life. But let’s get this straight right now. It’s not because you’re failing or broken. It’s because your spirit demands soaring— not coping. It’s your time. You’re standing

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5 Ways to Stop Negative Thinking & Anxiety

Breaking free from negative thinking isn’t about techniques. It’s a revolution. You are literally going to walk in a different world. Because negative thinking, is just a mistaken idea about what’s possible and who you really are. And you have

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