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Rock Your Spiritual Mojo

"Bet on the sure thing. Bet on love."
~ Tama Kieves

A course in miracles

Choose love instead of fear!

Maybe you’ve been looking for a spiritual path– but you don’t exactly self-identify as “woo-woo.” Or maybe you’ve veered from traditional religion yet still long for a personal connection and meaning, that something else to infuse your days. Or perhaps you’re no stranger to spirituality, and you’re looking to dive into a path that works like nothing you’ve ever known. A Course in Miracles is a spiritual psychotherapy program that has provided millions of individuals with the tools to live from love instead of fear. It’s practical, mystical and infallible. I have lived and taught A Course in Miracles for three decades – and I lovingly blame this path for every single success I have had!

And if you have studied A Course in Miracles before, I’d love to welcome you to a wildly wicked and fun adventure through this life-changing material.

You are


Than you can


Yellow mandala with teal, yellow, pink, orange, and red color splashes

If you are interested in A Course in Miracles, get ready to shift how you see yourself. Take this in:

You are stronger than you know. You are more loved than you can imagine. And you are generous, creative, alive and magical, even if you think you’re blocked right now. 

All your capacities still await you.

It’s just a thought that blocks you. It’s never reality.  And daring to choose how you see yourself and how you define your life is the opportunity of being alive. I’ve coined the phrase “life ninja” because I feel like it captures the energy of the black belt focus it demands to fearlessly love all of your life. It means being as conscious as a rock climber scaling the side of a mountain and beholding the view of a lifetime. It means choosing who you will be in this lifetime rather than having circumstances choose for you. This isn’t about megalomania or denial. It’s about sanity and waking up to your own fearless potential and that of every human being. Because fearless love is the way to rock everything in life: business, health, relationships, and creativity.

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A Course in Miracles completely shifted how I view the world and everyone in it….working with you provided the support to take it to the next level!” – T. SULLIVAN

Fear and uncertainty

Congratulations - this is your turning point!

Uncertainty can drain or overwhelm you. Maybe you’re going through a personal transition – career, relationship, health, or money – that has upended your life. Or maybe you’re daring your dreams, and you’re riding the waves of freaking out or not knowing what path to take. You’re not alone in feeling anxious, yet there is another way.  Uncertainty can be your turning point. 

When you don’t have easy answers in the world, you might just begin to listen to your own extraordinary wisdom. You can access your superpowers. Because when “your plans” fail, your destiny or revolution begins. For me, fear has led me to the greatest freedom I’ve ever known.


Picture of Tama Kieves smiling at the camera holding a cup that says "A Cup of Strength"

If you’re going through any kind of uncertainty in your life right now…I want you to consider this:

You may feel like things are challenging at this moment in your life. But let’s get this straight right now: It’s not because you’re failing or broken. It’s because your spirit demands soaring—not coping. It’s your time. 

Where in your life do you crave certainty right now? This my friend is where you’re growing wings. You are in transition about to crack open into the next dimension of wonder in your life…As a life and career/success coach and workshop leader, I have worked intimately with thousands in transition. I’ve seen every kind of crossroads. And I’ve often seen this pattern. It is the insistence on how things are supposed to be that causes pain. You do not lack the right life right now. You do not lack your path or the absolute best circumstances. You lack awareness.”

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“You lifted my heart and filled me with hope and energy and ideas. Here’s to the church of Tama, my spiritual guide. Thank you.” – K. LIGHTFOOT

your inner voice

Your brilliance awaits you!

Perhaps you’re in the middle of transition and you could use some inner direction. You’re afraid of making a mistake or you’re not sure what “inner voice” to trust. You’d love to hear your inner genius or get a telegram from Spirit. Or maybe you’re craving a deeper connection to yourself, a walk in this world infused with grace and mysterious intelligence. You want to strengthen your unparalleled inspired connection. 

No matter your situation, you have an inspired way to make any choice or take any action.  When you know your inner voice intimately, you can recognize it instantly– and hear it clearly – and you will be able to make the best decisions of your life, over and over again.

Image with the text "You Are More Powerful Than You Know"

If you’re looking to trust your inner voice, consider this….

Listening to your inner voice requires honesty, integrity, and courage. There are no formulas. It’s all fresh chemistry every second. You have no idea of the progress you can make when you listen to instincts that are not conditioned by our society. Why would you attempt to create a life of unbounded freedom by listening to the advice of the bound one within you?

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“Through your workshops, I feel permission to acknowledge this ‘voice’ and receive its expression without judgement.…thank you for being a  life line and source of inspiration for me!” – C. THOMPSON

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