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“It’s one step that leads you everywhere."
~ Tama Kieves

Get out of your head and into your life!

Inspiration takes practice. I love creating programs that help YOU rock your brilliance in every area of your life. From live virtual events taking place on Zoom (and recorded!) to self-study online programs, you can get inspired without ever leaving home.  Simply scroll down to see everything that is coming up! 

Happy scrolling (and enrolling!)

Upcoming live virtual events on Zoom

Join me and dynamic, intelligent, creative bold souls as we activate a collective energy to stir up powerful life shifts! We meet LIVE on Zoom, but if you can’t attend live, everything is recorded so you can watch in your own time. You can even email me your questions and comments and I do my best to incorporate them into the live classes. (And I’m pretty good at it!)

Here’s what’s coming up LIVE on Zoom (and recorded)…

Thriving through uncertainty with
a course in miracles

JUNE 29 - AUGUST 17 @ 8PM Eastern (and recorded!)

This program combines the amazing wisdom of A Course in Miracles with my latest book to show you how to let go of fear and listen to your Extraordinary Self — and experience the love, healing, and abundance of a lifetime. Join your people — smart, fun, conscious, & loving — for an 8-week sanctuary—an oasis to share and shift anything that’s going on for you. This program will introduce you to a spirituality that is jalepeno hot, and a radical sense of self-love and true expression to create a life you absolutely love.

“After countless hours of therapy and thousands of pages reading about healing, Tama, I gotta say YOU finally have given me the tools to shift the old paradigm!” – R.M.


Get the recording from JULY 15

JUST $10!

Relationships can be the source of anxiety. Or they can expand your life with wild, wondrous love and unimaginable opportunities. Every relationship is calling you to be the brilliant version of yourself. Are you ready to see the one incredible chance in each of your relationships? This is a one-time event to help you go from feeling triggered to feeling intentional and phenomenal. It’s just $10!

“Tama’s programs feature brilliant perspectives and strategies…no matter what program I sign up for, I always know it will be a cut above everything that’s out there!” – B. CREARY


JULY 31 @ 1PM Eastern (and recorded!)

Who would you be if you were no longer listening to an inner voice that diminishes you? If you were giving yourself every chance, every opportunity, every encouragement, every grace and mercy? If you were your own wild champion through absolutely everything in life? INVINCIBLE SELF-LOVE is an experiential masterclass to help you shift from limiting yourself in any way to tapping a limitless power within you.

“Tama doesn’t talk down to us from up on a pedestal but rather brings us up to her level. Her classes are the greatest gift you can give yourself.”  – C. BERGER


Ongoing, bi-monthly meetings, join anytime!

Next up: AUGUST 4 & 18 @ 8:30 pm Eastern (and recorded!)

Who would you be with constant encouragement? Welcome to your brilliant support system to help you create the life & work life you love! LIFE TRIBE is my affordable, ongoing group coaching program where you get my consistent support for your dreams. PLUS… you get encouragement from a smart, heart-centered community of career-transition-ers, conscious entrepreneurs, artists, writers, freedom-seekers, and visionaries as we all discover our own inspired way to succeed.

“Tama, and loving inspiring Tribe, you gave me the support I needed. I am sooo grateful I had you to turn to during my times of doubt.” – C. MELODY


“Tama, I love how you teach. I love how you deliver the course message in clear ways, giving examples to make understanding easier. You care so much for your students. Thank you for ALL you do!” – D. SWANSON

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