A Clesson3ourse in Miracles says, “God’s Voice speaks to me all through the day.” It also tells us that we have an answer for every specific problem. But many of us feel we can’t hear the inner voice or get answers. It is a lack of practice and trust that keeps us from the most powerful communication of our lives.

If you do not hear your inner voice, it is because you are choosing to listen to another voice. Most of us listen to the incessant mind chatter we have going on, the voice of fears, inner critics, other people, old memories, unexamined societal conditioning, and just plain static.

Our Beloved does not yell above the din. We actively have to pay attention to this Voice or we will not hear it. Yet the more we pay attention, the less we hear anything else. This is the ultimate goal of A Course in Miracles. It trains us to listen to the Voice of Love, and nothing else.

Many of us do not hear our inner voice, because we discount it. We are looking for a spectacular, other worldly experience and we overlook something that has always been with us and is quite natural. Your Voice will speak to you in your way. It has always spoken to you. Your job is to start to recognize how you receive guidance and to pay attention to those cues.

Tama Kieves

A Trust in Action – Week 3

ACIT Readings – Week 3

Week Three Meditation

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