Heal MeWe are not just casually bumping into people in our lives. A Course in Miracles teaches us that everyone is our teacher. Everyone is our guru. Everyone is our “savior.” There are no accidents and we are meeting who we are meant to meet. A Course in Miracles even calls our relationships “assignments.” Every encounter is a “holy encounter.”

We discover ourselves by how we relate to other people. We discover our love and we also discover where we are blocked from love, or holding ideas about ourselves or others that are hurtful and not true. The spiritual path is all about discovering these challenged places in ourselves and healing them. They have always been there. But now we are bringing awareness and attention to them.

Every relationship in your life brings out a different aspect of yourself. Have you noticed how with some people you are naturally generous? With others, you feel twitchy or withdrawn or upset. With one person you’re Mother Teresa at a picnic. With another, you’re the wicked witch in a traffic jam.

This week notice how you feel with each person in your life. It is not because of them that you feel this way. Take responsibility for how you feel. Notice what lives in you, waiting to be loved, forgiven, nourished and healed. Thank your “teachers” with gratitude.

Tama Kieves

A Trust in Action – Week 6

ACIT Readings – Week 6

Week Six Meditation

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