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There is a greater you inside. Your work in this lifetime is to tune out the fear, tumult and noise of the world and reclaim the power and ease of your True Self. Despite any of your past conditioning, habits, and negative beliefs, your True Self remains the same. You are still radiant and whole. Your good is assured. You are only Love.

I know we don’t always feel that way. We often feel powerless and frustrated. But here is the truth, no matter what you think about yourself: You are powerful beyond all measure. You have everything you need. You have the power to experience love and alignment in every single circumstance.

We are not taught that we do not need anything outside of ourselves to be happy. The media encourages us to feel insecure all the time. It flashes relentless images of people that look nothing like average people being in ecstasy and union because they bought the right whitening toothpaste or leather-seated luxury car. Advertising and sales pander to our insecurities. The spiritual path is one of taking your life just where it is, and blessing it.

You will never gain power from money, success, health, or appearance alone.

Your power comes from the attitudes you hold.

Your power comes from the decisions you make.

Your power comes from deciding to walk with love in this world.

Real power is internal. Real power is based on love. That’s why no matter how much you succeed in life, that experience alone will not complete you. It cannot satisfy you. Only you can decide to bless your life. Only you can decide to receive your blessings. If you are not blessing your life, you are actively attacking it and yourself.

Tama Kieves

A Trust in Action – Week 1

ACIT Readings – Week 1

Week One Meditation

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Say YES to 3 FREE Days of Inspired Coaching Videos to Create the Life & Work You Love!