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Relationship JUJU

Unlocking the Brilliance in Every Relationship

A One-Time $10 Class with Tama!

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every relationship is an amazing opportunity

Are you ready to feel the love?

Relationships can be the source of pain, anxiety and heartache.  Or they can expand your life with unimaginable goodness.

Every relationship is calling you to be the brilliant version of yourself.  You can answer that call, or you can fight it and fail. 

It’s time to access your relationship superpower, an x-ray vision that can help you see the genius in any relationship. Relationship Juju on July 15 is a one-time event that will help you go from feeling triggered to feeling intentional and phenomenal in every relationship in your life. (Hey, think about what you spend on therapy…this is just $10!)

Some relationships are here to offer you the greatest love in your lifetime.  Others are here to be the teachers that bring you to a brilliant love and healing you couldn’t experience any other way. We dull our relationships with expectations, scripts, and our own barriers and ancient blocks to love. Yet every relationship in your life is meant to sparkle.

are you ready to see the one "incredible chanCe" in eACH relationship?

The relationships in your life – romantic partners, work colleagues, family, or old or new friendships – are catalysts to help you awaken to your most brilliant potential.  There is love that you are being given that you are not seeing.  There is healing in holding strength for someone else. There is wild wondrous love when you release expectations of how you think something is supposed to work and discover the grace that is already there. And when you change the way you see yourself, you’ll change the way you see everyone else. And this is the juice, baby!

“After countless hours of therapy and thousands of pages reading about healing, Tama, I gotta say YOU finally have given me the tools to shift the old paradigm!” – R.M.

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You'll COME away with YOUR OWN inspired Relationship BluePrint - A Cheat Sheet to Help You IGNITE every relationship in your life.

Just $10!

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Say YES to 3 FREE Days of Inspired Coaching Videos to Create the Life & Work You Love!