4-Book Bundle: Signed By Tama!

A bundle of support w/ FREE Shipping in the U.S.!

BUNDLE SNAPSHOT: If you’ve ever wanted to sit and hang out with Tama, her books are the way to go! Tama’s unique writing style, “realness,” edgy humor, and personal story transport you to a world where you feel like you’re having an intimate conversation with your very own coach and best friend. Experience limitless magic, love, support and laughter through this unique book set…. and more.

Your Book Bundle includes:

  • 1 Signed copy of This Time I Dance
  • 1 Signed copy of A Year Without Fear
  • 1 Signed copy of Inspired & Unstoppable
  • 1 Signed copy of Thriving Through Uncertainty

Keep reading for details…

“Tama’s books are for anyone who has ever felt, ‘This can’t be all there is.’” – Marianne Williamson

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