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SELF-STUDY FORMAT Recorded from June 2022 Virtual Program

Plus 3 Free Months of The Inspired & Unstoppable Life Tribe* (Wow!)

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There's nothing like it...

If you are thinking about becoming a coach or you’re already an experienced coach, I want to take a stand for YOUR brilliance in this field. You have undeniable fire and your own mad skills… but maybe you feel overwhelmed with information, confused about next steps, or stalled with self-doubt.

You might be thinking …. 

  • What if I don’t have what it takes? 
  • Can coaching pay my bills or be an additional stream of income?
  • What if my clients don’t see immediate progress? Oh, and by the way, how do I even get clients? (or get more clients…)
  • Is this going to be too hard?

But what if coaching could be easy? What if success could be simple? And what if everything could be… NATURAL?

So often, the reasons that coaches get frustrated – or give up completely – is that they are following someone else’s plan. So before you spend thousands of dollars on programs you might not need — register for THE NATURAL COACH and discover your own natural way to succeed.

In THE NATURAL COACH, you’ll learn how to…

* discover (or re-discover) your Why.
* Elevate your confidence & Own Your Brilliance.
* Grow Your business Your way.

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What's in the program?

A Bundle of Support...on Every Level!

THE NATURAL COACH is a full system of inspiration, consciously curated to be comprehensive yet EASY, so that you can do it NOW, even in the midst of everyday life. Because I want to get you coaching and flying NOW, no matter what’s going on in your adorable, crazy life…

You’ll receive inspiration to get to the heart of your unique style and approach plus… expert industry advice, no-holds-barred Q&A, teaching, training and discussion around blocks, challenges, and the things that dim your power and effectiveness.

Here’s a look at what’s included (and scroll down for closer look at each week’s content)…

  • We’ll have four sessions on Zoom for an immersion in one of our four breakthrough topics — it’s a Liberation Zone where I’m going to teach and coach you to get past any block, challenge, or idea that dims your creative power and effectiveness.
  • Be inspired by a community of maverick souls who are dedicated to personal growth and wild creative success. (Even if you participate by listening to the recordings – the energy from being part of this exclusive group comes through!)
  • An immersive self-study process guides you with an Extended Meditation and exercises to create your Natural Brilliance Manifesto.
  • This custom-created tool elevates your confidence for the rest of the program and beyond.  When you’re more confident, you’re more natural. And when you’re more natural, you’re more confident!
  • Get your weekly infusion of mojo and motivation with a weekly Check-In with encouragement and a suggested exercise for the week.
  • You’ll also be invited to email me… tell me how it’s going, ask a question, tell me where you’re feeling stuck. I’ll be incorporating these comments and questions into our classes!
  • You will get DAILY prompts in your inbox, for 30 days — each one a gateway to connecting to your natural coaching superpowers.
  • These daily writing activations are the best coaching questions you can ask yourself — designed to help you get to know your motivations, desires, stumbling blocks, and your own secret code to blast past fears. 
  • These prompts help you build consistency and momentum in a fun, fresh, practice of self-discovery! 

PLUS… The Inspired & Unstoppable Life Tribe for Ongoing Coaching & Community!

Life Tribe Logo

For new members… signing up for THE NATURAL COACH automatically enrolls you in 3 FREE MONTHS* of support with the Inspired & Unstoppable Life Tribe. And that’s a BIG WOW. 

While these are two independent programs that function separately, they also blend together for an extraordinary experience!

To enhance your experience in THE NATURAL COACH, The Inspired & Unstoppable Life Tribe provides ongoing and continuous mindset training to help you stay committed to your dreams. Enjoy bi-monthly group coaching and the support of a tribe of loving, creative mavericks who are committed to following their inspiration more than their fears. AND you also get direct access to me. Yes! You can ask me questions or share your experiences with THE NATURAL COACH during Life Tribe gatherings, in our private Facebook group, or even through email in between our meetings.

If you want to stay true to what you really want to do, to feel loved, believed in and supported, and if you’re ready for your dreams to become your reality, the Inspired & Unstoppable Life Tribe is going to help you get there.

What could you accomplish with continuous inspiring support, encouragement—and time-saving training?

Find out! Don’t let your inspiration fade. STAY INSPIRED. When you’re inspired, you’re unstoppable! You’ll join me for LIVE group coaching calls of 75 minutes twice a month— Wednesday nights—calls start at 8:30p.m ET, for three months for FREE (plus, sessions are recorded for your convenience too!).

You get 3 FREE MONTHS*…it’s built-in momentum for the work you do in THE UNSTOPPABLE WRITER Program

Your inspired schedule

Imagine being motivated like never before...

 THE NATURAL COACH provides inspiration, exploration and information to help you discover or rediscover your fire around coaching, grow your practice…and succeed YOUR natural way.  Here is an overview of what you can look forward to each week:

Whether you have been coaching a while, or if you are just starting out, knowing your why is the FIRE that can make all the difference. It’s your sizzle and your most necessary credential. Where have you grown on your own journey? What is the exact expertise that comes from your own amazing life? What calls to you in life and what calls you to coaching? Through specific exercises we will target your clarity and clarion call. And when you know your WHY, you can walk past any fear, summon magic, and create an ease and success that flows with exciting twists and turns.

You are irreplaceable. Once you know who you are, there is no competition. You might believe that the market is saturated, that you’re not good enough… but once you start seeing your own gifts and connecting to your natural calling, fear fades away. In this unique self-study week (while I’m away, teaching a retreat at Omega) – instead of a live class, you’ll receive an Extended Meditation and exercises to create your Natural Brilliance Manifesto — to elevate your confidence for the rest of the program and beyond. 

Not all listening is equal. Listening is a state of being. And it is THE juncture for every single shift that happens in a coaching session. I will teach you three things to listen for – and clarify what to listen to, and what to not listen to. If you are just starting out, these basic tools will allow you to start practicing your coaching RIGHT NOW. And if you’ve been doing this a while, you’ll get to explore and practice the pivotal listening nuances that likely have not been part of your training.

What gets in the way of listening? Coaches are human, after all – and I will teach you how to anticipate and maneuver some of the challenges that come up in coaching. What happens when your client is going through something that you’re going through, too? What happens when you think you can’t help? What do you do when it feels like your client isn’t making external progress? There are several key mindset shifts that can change the entire scope of how you feel about your work. This class alone has the power to jumpstart your entire career.

All coaches want to know how to get more clients. It not just about the “8 easy steps” that will teach you the way to do it– it’s about creating YOUR way. We’re going to unpack and shift the barriers that might get in the way of your wildest success (which is helpful in any endeavor). And you will learn how to study yourself and take what has worked well in your life, and translate it into growing your practice. Learn how to build excitement in a way that moves people, and sells YOU. And uncover the sure-fire way to increase your sense of VALUE and what you offer to others.

I'm soooo ready!


Thinking about coaching? Already a coach?

The NATURAL COACH is for anyone who might want to work as a coach or anyone already coaching who wants to experience freedom, joy, and the exquisite power of helping others.

This program is a great place to start! You’re interested in personal growth… so why not make it your career! Before you spend a lot of money on a training program (that you might not ever even use) start here to grab some solid basics, experience and juice that will help you start coaching right now! At the very least, you’ll learn a revolutionary new way to listen… which will help you in every single area of your life!

This is a fantastic next step! This program will expand your toolbox, increase your confidence, hone your area of expertise, and help you make inspired business-building choices that will save you endless amounts of time and don’t-even-talk-about it money! Let’s get you clients!

Get ready to fly!  This program will re-ignite your calling to serve others.  You’ll get new coaching tools for your toolbox that will invigorate your own experience.  You’ll tap into your deepest joy in coaching, and learn how to use your excitement to help you reach even more of your right people.  When you are truly inspired, you are unstoppable!

This is Tama

Your Tour Guide & Coaching Champion!

Tama Kieves, an honors graduate of Harvard Law School, left her law practice with a prestigious corporate law firm to write and help others unlock the extraordinary faculties within them.

Featured in USA TODAY, the Huffington PostForbes, as well as on ABC NewsOprah Radio, other national media, and a TEDx, speaker, she is a sought-after speaker and visionary career/success and book coach, who has helped thousands world-wide to discover, launch, and thrive in the life, calling and businesses of their dreams. She is also a Master Coach who trains others coaches to find their natural way to succeed.

She’s the best-selling author of:

Tama is known for her electrifying presence, grounded compassion, dynamic sense of humor and the believable and sweeping possibilities she ignites in others. 

After discovering the wisdom path of A Course in Miracles, she’s taught it in an interactive and highly experiential way for over 30 years. She loves helping others live a smart, spitfire spirituality.

Yes! yes! yes!

*A Note About Your Free Three Months: Please note that when you register for this program you are also enrolled in the Inspired & Unstoppable Life Tribe. For the first three months, there is no charge to you… so enjoy your experience in the Tribe! If you wish to continue in the Inspired & Unstoppable Life Tribe after the initial 3 free months, you don’t need to do anything; you’ll automatically be re-enrolled and will be charged every 90 days (it’s just $99 for 3 full months of continuous support!) If you wish to cancel, you can do so at any time during your free 3 months. You can read our cancellation policy here.

Praise & Kudos

Grateful for the love!

“This class bumped my coaching business up to a whole other level!” – K. HERMANSON

“I was actually going to give up my dream of coaching.  I have paid A LOT for a few programs that are the business side of coaching. They have really hammered into me that I need a very specific niche. Your words and your “permission” to do and be exactly what I am was transformative–truly. I want to thank you for taking a minute to “see me”. A huge blessing.” – C. PAUL

“I am so deeply grateful for being able to participate in your coach training.  Your insights gave me the jet fuel I need to keep moving along this path.” – S. LEE

“You helped me remember why I became a coach in the first place. The fourth module also had me focus on designing my business/marketing to be FUN! I really respect you for doing things “your way” – and I know the only way for me is to do things “my way” – and now I have permission to do that.” – K. TAYLOR

I’m getting so much clarification of what and how I want to proceed. The last class continues to resonate, ripple throughout my week. I find myself embraced in the magic of it everyday, like the class is still happening within my being. I could soak in this beautiful truth forever.” – J. SCHLOSE

“Your training reaffirmed that I’m on the right path and gave me the confidence to DO this!” – L. KELLY

Let's go!

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